Web 2.0 Bonanza

Over the course students have often used online simulations and online tools.

Now, for our last large unit of the course (IB Physics Option G: EM Waves) I have planned out a wide range of online activities in direct alignment with course aims.

Despite the catchy page title, the focus of the learning activities are the desired learning outcomes and not the web 2.0 or authoring software. They are a means to an end.

Before, a lot of the tools we used were helpful, but the idea was more about building 21st Century skills as a goal in and of itself. That’s to the good, but here it is even better. The skills are embedded in the activities, and alignment is carefully monitored from intended learning outcomes, through learning activities, to formative and summative assessment. Indeed, the unit could be used as an exemplar for modern best practices (if I do say so myself).

Please view the video below to get a feel for all that is included.

Some tools used in this unit:

Vuvox, screencasting, online simulations, online whiteboards, Apple technology, forums, wikis, peer-Assessment Workshops (online), issuu (Magazine publishing), Real-Life experiments

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