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Now into year two of the IB physics program, students have been handed the reigns of moodle activities. While progressing through their topic 7 (Atomic & Nuclear Physics) and their topic 13 (Quantum and Nuclear Physics) they construct moodle forums, wikis, glossaries, mindmaps, databases, and quizzes for their peers.

Our year group is split into two classes. Using all students across both classes, we have formed 6 groups. In each sub-topic of the unit, one group does one of the 6 moodle activities. Then in the next sub-topic, groups cycle so that they get experience creating each of the activities.

Included below are some screenshots of resources created by the students. Click on the image for an enlarged version.

Topic Forum

Problem Bank Wiki

Students create discussion questions and use them to start the thread. Then the rest of the class responds and the discussion builds. This is the title page of the wiki. Students select important problems in the topic and post their solution to the wiki.

Topic Glossary

Topic Database

Students locate and define all the key terms for the topic. Once complete the glossary forms a useful study aid for the community. Students locate key events, people, experiments, and so on in the topic. They then enter them into a searchable database for the community to use.


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